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Academic Activities

- Provide information about the USF programs & services

- Help students & answer their inquiries 

- Manage & organize useful academic programs & workshops 


Sports Activities

- Participate in USF sports tournaments

- Organize a weekly soccer training

- Organize games competitions


Cultural Activities

- Organize KSA national day & Eids celebrations

- Participate in USF cultural events

- Promote the culture of Saudi Arabia

- Collaborate with other USF student organizations


Women Activities

Organize activities & events targeting ladies & families


Social Activities

- New Students Care Program:

* Airport Pick-up​

* Help in getting a house and a phone number

* Help in opening a bank account

* Help in creating an account in SAFEER (SACM)

* Provide information and assistance in other needs

- Manage social activities & trips

- Manage participation in volunteer work & community services

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