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About Saudi Students Clubs in the U.S.

The Saudi student clubs started its activities more than 50 years ago with the beginning of the scholarship process. At that time, social networking, like a banquet, gaming, patient visits, partying marriage and new births, farewell the graduates and the welcome of newcomers were the main activities. They had to pay for all the expenses of these activities from their own pockets. This was the situation until the visit of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz to the United States in early 1987 when he started the process of establishing and supporting the clubs. He supported and encouraged students to establish Saudi clubs and gain their recognition in their schools. Also, he directed to assign an annual budget for these clubs to cover their activities' expenses.


The third development phase of the Saudi clubs happened after the visiting of the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to the United States of America in 2010 and meeting the Saudi students there. The number of Saudi student clubs has reached more than two hundred and sixty registered clubs in the U.S. universities during that time to become around three hundred Saudi clubs recently. Also, the type of activities and event has become more than just social networking to include representing the heritage, history, and civilization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and show the real image of the kingdom like never before.

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